Two Rivers Letip

Each one member is the showboater who is asked to arrive and set up their company’s display of products or services by 7:01 A.M. SHARP. This allows them to introduce a new service/product/or promotion that their business offers and which they will expand on when they speak the following week. Think of it as a 30 second commercial for your speech the following week.  While it is easier for businesses with tangible products to sell to display, even service members needs display something they want to case.


Letip does not allow any outside speakers. Each week on member speakers for approximately 10 minutes about their business products and/or services. This provides additional information to the membership to better represent and market the speaker's business. 

A business card of the previous week’s speaker is hidden under the placemat at the start of the meeting. The person who finds the card is the “Lucky Devil.” When they do their commercial they will start by giving a commercial for the business that spoke the week before. If the featured member is not in attendance no commercial is given for the lucky devil. If the card is in front of a guest or empty seat the card goes to the closest person on the right.

At the first monthly meeting, all members are asked to visit another member at their place of business to get to learn more about what they do one-on-one but also to see their site of operation. At the third monthly meeting, you will give a commercial for that member when you receive the tip bucket. If you don’t visit your appointed member that month you owe $10 ($5 to the group and $5 to the member you did not visit.  You will pay this amount each week that you don’t complete your visitation. 

Members that sponsor a specified number of new members into LeTip receive new badge.
 White- Initial Badge
Green-  1 new member
Blue: 3 members
Silver: 10 members
Gold: 25 members
Platinum: 50 members
*Blue and higher does not participate in the poker folder.

The poker folder is a membership tool to increase guests and membership for the chapter. All members who have white and green badges must stand while the folder is passed. When time is called the person holding the folder has two weeks to bring a guest. If they do not bring a guest $10 in the tip bucket. However, if you do bring a qualified guest to a meeting you can take $10 out of the tip bucket.  You could have the folder for only one week but never more than two weeks.

The fourth meeting of the month is deemed Fiver Day. Every month members are requested to bring one qualified guest to a meeting. Anyone that does not bring a guest drops $5 into the bucket.   After the bucket is finished a business card from each member is placed inside the bucket.  One card is drawn and if the member did not bring a guest nothing happens, but if the member selected did bring a guest they win a cash prize that starts at $20 and increases each month until there is a winner. Our chapter has given out over $500 to a selected winner.

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